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GGI Lighting - Life In Light


As an ethically-oriented organization, we place special emphasis on our values that set us apart in the market and help us navigate our operations in the direction of responsible growth. Here are the values that are integral to the operation of GGI Lighting

The very foundation of GGI Lighting offerings lies in the conservation of energy & encouraging its sustainable usage by promoting its renewable sources. While we envision nurturing a progressive society that is resourceful with sustainable use of energy, we aim to accomplish this by taking small steps towards this goal, such as:

1. Customers Come First

As a customer-centric organization, GGI Lighting holds prime importance for its customers and hence, while all stakeholders are important for us, our offerings are focused on the key needs of our customers.

2. Service Excellence

When it comes to creating happiness through our services, we constantly strive to achieve excellence by ensuring that the responsiveness and speed to our customers should always stand out.

3. Result-Driven Approach

GGI Lighting has its organizational goals aligned to its client organizational goals in such a way that driving results for both the customers and for our organization is at the top priority – this is why we ensure that all engagements must be result-driven and productive for all stakeholders.

4. Transparency in All Transactions

We believe that ‘cash is king’ and therefore, we believe in paying and getting paid well in advance of the agreed upon payment schedule as this helps us maintain transparency with respect to all the organizational transactions.

5. Exceptional Work Ethics & Integrity

We deem highest importance to integrity and strong work ethics with zero tolerance for any deviation. As we associate with our customers on any of their project, we respect and command respect for the agreed upon terms for it.

6. Legally Compliant

As an ethically operating business, we ensure the compliance of all our activities to the local laws and regulations regardless of the geographical location of our unit of operation. We respect the local laws and appreciate our stakeholders also to abide by the same.

7. “Live & Let Live”

With a ‘live & let live’ philosophy, we support actively building the communities and the ecosystems that are conducive of healthy and growth-oriented co-existence of our suppliers, partners and all our stakeholders.

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